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La Vie en Rose..

One day I escaped from my boyfriend. Do you want to ask me my whereabouts?-

paris The story started a long time ago when I came here for the first time as a young model.
I associated this weird city only with a tart smell of the underground and with the flavor of Twix (I don’t know why, but I liked to eat it only there) as well as with the never ending rain..
When I came back this time, I finally understood that there was always the right time for the right place. Continue reading

Art of Life

 Hello my future readers,

I bet you’re wondering, “Why have you decided to start your blog?”

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t much into blogs before. I always preferred classic literature, but I guess there is always the right time and the right moment for everything.
After my 28th birthday, I discovered that I was ready to share: opinion, clothes, advises, help, smiles or even my good mood and my positive energy. Continue reading