La Vie en Rose..

One day I escaped from my boyfriend. Do you want to ask me my whereabouts?-

paris The story started a long time ago when I came here for the first time as a young model.
I associated this weird city only with a tart smell of the underground and with the flavor of Twix (I don’t know why, but I liked to eat it only there) as well as with the never ending rain..
When I came back this time, I finally understood that there was always the right time for the right place.

I plunged headlong into the brand new and rather pleasant relationship with this city, the city of decadence and of New Wave Paris vu par era. I walked into the first movie theater in Madeleine, where Charlie Chaplin used to showcase his wonderful movies. I bought beautiful vintage clothes and pieces of art at the flea market at Port de Clignancourt. I passed by charming bars and restaurants on Saint-Germain de Pres. I sipped a glass of rose champagne at hotel Raphael, the one that Audrey Hepburn liked so much to stay. I flew away on the musical waves at my lovely Sunset Jazz bar and caught some melancholy thoughts listening to the sad accordion voice right on the Seine river.

katya and kisses

Ahhh, Café de Fleur and its’ famous scrambled eggs; this unforgettable view from the roofs of Paris (I love roofs. I feel that I have wings behind my back, and I dream of spreading them one day and just fly away like Margarita did); my secret letters in the little room with creaky floor on the 5th etage of Haussmann building, and yes, the never ending rain. Of course, don’t forget those trendy ladies and gentlemen on the avenue Montaigne and the gossip stars at Hotel Costes. The crazy nights at Le Baron, passionate kisses under the street lamps, just right behind Silencio and annoying security guards shouting “Ne faites pas ca ici!!!”.

Cafe de fleur

The magic Clock on the last floor of Musee d’Orsay, and hours long conversations with impressionists there, the kingdom of smell in boutiques Caron, my lovely vernissage of talented painters in Marais and Montmartre, fresh and fragrant flowers at the local markets, a crunchy baguette and a flavor of pain au chocolat.

The children’s laughter at the bloomy Tuileries garden and lavender blossom there.


Of course, the ever absent taxis. If you’re lucky to catch one, the cabby will never stop arguing with you. The best oysters at the Chez Andre with just a little of Chablis, and finally the sky…

Paris sky

The clear blue sky during the sunny days that reminds you of the pure eyes of your love, that what makes these moments unforgettable. Once you look into them, you will never be able to come back to reality..
My dear Paris.. You keep so many secrets, and mystery surrounds you. Sometimes you can give so much pain but you always hug me so softly right after.

Our relationship is like a black and white fashion photography, sometimes in a rather sadomasochistic way. I have a name for it: “Je t’aime moi non plus..”

katya and hands

I never know what is going to happen to me on your streets: one day a thief would steal my purse, another day a movie director would catch me by the hand and would offer me a part in his feature film.

You are not an easy soul, I’d say, a very complicated one. You hate lie, but you will open your doors to the one who presents his heart on his open palm, the heart of the color of Medoc. That’s what you like, I know.

violet sky

And by the way, the taste of my boyfriend’s lips I’ve already forgotten (let’s call him the ex) as well as the reason I left him. However my romance with this city has been going on for three long years.


You know, I think it’s С‘est la vie..


All photos made by Katya Pushkina.