Art of Life

 Hello my future readers,

I bet you’re wondering, “Why have you decided to start your blog?”

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t much into blogs before. I always preferred classic literature, but I guess there is always the right time and the right moment for everything.
After my 28th birthday, I discovered that I was ready to share: opinion, clothes, advises, help, smiles or even my good mood and my positive energy.

When I was a kid, my favorite book was “What? Where? How?”. I was always searching for something new, interesting and unknown. I wanted to find the answer to all the questions in life. I wanted to know everything.
Later my curiosity turned into the spirit of adventurism and into the thirst for the unknown.
At the tender age of 15, I started my big and interesting adventure called Life, and it was a life of an adult person, who traveled frequently.

Modeling business helped me to open doors into the WORLD, and taught me how to be enduring and responsible. Thanks to my endless shooting sessions, I learned the price of every penny I’ve earned. My initial lack of language skills helped me to develop this special sensitivity to people and initiated my still growing interest in the science of psychology. The head spinning non-stop changes and my frequent travels to different countries taught me how to adapt. While meeting different people, I learned to be a social person and to always stay positive. And while I was far away from home, I learned to appreciate the support of my family and the significance of one’s home. Katya copy

Eventually I’ve visited many countries, and I’ve seen many faces, and I’ve learned to speak different languages. That helped me to understand how rich and multi-dimensional our incredible World is!

Yes, it is full of challenges, and sometimes they’re extremely difficult and hard, but believe me, it’s worth your effort.
Step by step I learned and I gained experience from every challenge that life presented to me.

God gave me beauty, and I became a model. I worked with many talented and brilliant photographers and they prompted my interest in photography. My friend, a famous photographer Giovanni Gastel, taught me how to use a film camera, and I learned to feel the aesthetics of the frame. The magical hours I’ve spent inside his studio became one unforgettable experience and made me start shooting myself.


Bernardo Bertolucci,Pedro Almodovar, Fransua Ozon opened me the world of Cinema.
While watching their movies, I imagined myself in place of my favorite actors, and I fantasized of how I would’ve played his or her part. That’s how I got my new dream, and I decided to become an actress.
I always loved to play and to transform myself into different characters in front of the camera, so finally my dream became true. I became an actress.


I worked in many different countries. Each of these lands opened up for me, and I came to learn their problems, secrets and mysteries, which sometimes were accessible only to the locals. That’s how I became addicted to traveling.
Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, William Somerset Maugham, Josef Brodsky. All these famous writers became my faithful companions during my constant flights around the world. Their unique books and wise thoughts inspired me to take a pen and to start writing myself. Well, I hope my grand-grand-grand-father, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, would’ve been proud of me.

The world of modeling doesn’t forgive mistakes. Model is supposed to be the standard of a perfect female beauty. Every model must look gorgeous, but how can you manage that when don’t have enough money to buy expensive clothes?

“Deficit sparks fantasy”, said one of my favorite actresses and Russian famous icon of style, Ludmila Gurchenko. I cherish those words. When I had money problems, I started creating new outfits myself instead of complaining. My experience of working with famous fashion designers gave me the inspiration I needed and helped me to be trendy. I finally picked my own style and fall in love with YSL.

katya street style

Honestly, I love my life!

Over the course of my life I always meet great, talented and unique people. They are professionals working in absolutely different kind of businesses and in art, and they all have different talents and skills.

However they all have something in common, a great goal, a desire to live a worthy and beautiful life, to achieve significant heights and to have the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with others.

Sometimes people think that successful career or even fame come easily and not through lots of mistakes and hardship. There is always someone who is sure that his neighbor just got lucky. “He is lucky! Fortune is on his side!”. That’s not true. Believe me, only one’s good will and open heart, one’s persistence and strong character would eventually lead a person to the summit of Olympus.

All these fantastic people will tell you lots of interesting stories which will prove that   life is wonderful! Sometimes life is full of unexpected surprises, and later we call them “experience”. This experience allows us to give advice and guidance to someone who really needs it. So, let’s share your experience! It’s so uncomfortable to walk through your life with your “eyes wide shut”, right? Let’s walk together hand by hand, and believe me it will be a lot of fun! We gonna have great time!
We will travel to some fascinating cities and countries, and we will visit the most secluded corners of the world’s best resorts.
We will get tanned under the hot Southern sun and will meditate in Indian Ashrams.
We will play with wild animals in South Africa and will enjoy the pure beauty of wild islands. Our planet is so wonderful!
We will walk the fashion streets of Paris, Milan, New-York and Barcelona and will   dine in some fancy Michelin starred restaurants.

We will visit the most interesting exhibitions and will discuss art. We will make fashion experiments at the best designers’ boutiques and will get unique clothes at small unknown shops! Everyday we will discuss skincare and beauty care secrets! And of course, we will talk about our significant others!

We will talk with celebrities who will share their secrets of success. We will speak about the philosophy of life. We will reveal beauty and rich diversity of females’ world and broadness of male’s soul.

Well, are you ready? Let’s go then!